(Solved) – highlight rows in a spreadsheet that have a certian number of matched column values


I am currently struggling to gain traction on this problem. The goal that I am trying to accomplish is to some how group rows that are most alike together. The setup: all rows are independent of one another but they can have any number of column values in that same row (up to 10). I am looking for a solution to help me find the rows that have 3 or more common values across the 10 columns and highlight them accordingly. I am just now getting into excel VBA and I have the feeling that is the direction I need to head in. I will provide a simplified set of data that I would like to do this for. In the picture, the goal I am trying to achieve is “group” rows 7 and 10 together because they have 3 or more column matches. Any help would be much appreciated!
enter image description here

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