(Solved) – Highlight matched date on yearly Calendar based on different criteria


Been working on this a while and need some help, keep running into dead ends.

I have a table that populates customer information of jobs, we need to it is as service/commission, this also populates on to the table, the problem then starts that I have mutliple criteria that I would like to highlight with conditional formatting on the calendar picture below.

enter image description here

I have already managed to conditional format two values, one set value(bank holidays), and Commission.
I can’t see to get conditional format for service, without overwiriting, or over populting the calendar with highlights.

Here is picture of the table being used to grab most of the data.

enter image description here

What is a way I can conditional format any date in the Calender dependant on the values in the table? First criteria – Work Scope titled column – (Service/Comission) and second criteria – Start Date.

The next step which is not essential after the above would be to highlight a range of dates based upon the start and finish date in the table.

I already have a date range on another sheet with a different purpose which could be used in a way, I’m not 100% who this works though.

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