(Solved) – Get cell address of index position


I am trying to get the cell address of the index position. Using the code below, i have that position but when i try and get the address, i doesn’t work.

Sub IndexAndMatch()


Dim k As Integer
Dim i As Integer
Dim y As Integer

For i = 1 To AwardTBL.ListRows.Count
   If AwardTBL.ListColumns("Home").DataBodyRange(i) = Range("SelectedCareHome") Then
           For k = AwardTBL.ListColumns("NVQ qualification").Index To AwardTBL.ListColumns("Care 
           Supplement (GC only)").Index
             For y = Table17.ListColumns("NVQ qualification").Index To Table17.ListColumns("Care 
             Supplement (GC only)").Index
                 If AwardTBL.ListColumns(y) = Table17.ListColumns(k) Then
                 End If
             Next y
           Next k
    End If
 Next i
End Sub

Any Ideas.


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