(Solved) – Functions aren’t working in vba at all. Wants me to select Macros

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I’m the newbiest of the newbs to VBA, and I’m just trying to do basic stuff, straight from the book for dummies, just so that I can see what it does. Below is what I tried

Function CubeRoot(number)
     CubeRoot = number ^ (1 / 3)
End Function

Function Change(Cell, NewText)
    Cell.Comment.Text NewText
End Function

Both prompt me to select macros. Its trying to suggest that I select an unrelated sub that I made using this code

Sub ShowMessage()
    MsgBox "THats all folks"  
End Sub

Why won’t any of them work? (Except the sub. That guy works great.)
Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!

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