(Solved) – Find cell value of a range into another range and then paste


I am trying to write a macro but is a little outside my knowledge, perhaps you can help me out.

In the same workbook I have two tabs, “tab1” and “tab2”. In “tab1” I have column B, populated with my reference data, and columns with a date as header.
In “Tab2” I have also many columns with a date as header, and these columns are populated daily with some data. The final goal is to create something that look at the date that I want to look at in “tab2”, and find them into the reference column B in “tab1) and paste them in the corresponding row in the column with a matching date.

Simple Example

My Idea is to have an input box that ask for the date that you wish to transfer. maybe is possible to use the date selected as column reference. any suggestion on how to structure the code? Thanks a lot!

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