(Solved) – Filtering through a list of tables to only include useful lines


Given the lack of elegance with the data

the record sheet continues for many MANY rows, each entry having its own set of identical headings

enter image description here

I was hoping to just extract the data from rows 7, 14 and so on, then populate the data into a simple table to be used on the ‘Protocol Summary’ form, then sort them all into alphanumeric order based on the data that is in the A column so they all become grouped by ‘Event Type’.

Because the potential data that could be under the ‘Event Type’ heading can vary a lot (generally has the format of [number 1-32/letter/number 1-30] but can also be all letters, with a few thousand possibilities, I thought it might be easier to filter the other lines OUT, given they don’t change. I would love to redesign the table, but unfortunately it’s not my table so I have to work with what I’m given.

Thanks for your time.

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