(Solved) – Extracting data from excel table if it is between two given dates and then adding the numbers using VBA code

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I have a table in excel having eight columns which includes year, date of deposit and total fees. Now, if date of deposit is between two given dates and it pertains to year 2019-20 then I am trying to extract value from corresponding fee column. I am trying to get total fees deposited between two given dates for a particular year. But i am not getting desired result. Kindly help.
I am using If and else statement and For each loop.

Sub Macro12()

Dim Cell As Range

Dim Cell2 As Range

For Each Cell In Range(“D2:D25”)

‘ If (Cell.Value >= DateValue(“1 / 5 / 2019”)) And (Cell.Value <= DateValue("30 / 4 / 2020")) Then If (Cell.Value >= 43586) And (Cell.Value <= 43951) Then

For Each Cell2 In Range("C2:C25")

    If Cell2.Value = "2020-21" Then

    Range("I3").Value = Cell2.Value
    Range("J3").Value = Range("J3").Value   Cell2.Offset(0, 5).Value


    Range("I4").Value = "other years"
    Range("J4").Value = Range("J4").Value   Cell2.Offset(0, 5).Value

  End If
Next Cell2

‘ ElseIf (Cell.Value >= DateValue(“1 / 5 / 2021”)) And (Cell.Value <= DateValue("30 / 4 / 2022")) Then

ElseIf (Cell.Value >= 43599) And (Cell.Value <= 43599) Then

Range(“M3”).Value = “step 1 clear”

End If

Next Cell

End Sub

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