(Solved) – Extract particular value from .txt file and place in excel


I need to extract particular data from a text file and place it in Microsoft excel, where a template is already ready.

Example of my text file content:

     (3space)    (2s)   (2s)         (3s)                 (18s)
[key]   0.00-34.00  sec  2.08 minute   526 km/sec                  auto   
[key]   0.00-34.00  sec  1.88 minute   474 Km/sec                  auto    
[key]   0.00-34.00  sec  1.49 minute   376 km/sec                  auto    
[key]   0.00-34.00  sec  1.25 minute   316 km/sec                  auto    
[key]   0.00-34.00  sec  3.05 minute   771 km/sec                  van  
[key]   0.00-34.00  sec  2.79 minute   705 km/sec                  van  
[key]   0.00-34.00  sec  2.83 minute   715 km/sec                  van  
[key]   0.00-34.00  sec  2.83 minute   716 km/sec                  van 

and excel sheet template looks like: excel sheet is ready with headings,rows and columns
and this template will be created manually.

1.The value in .txt file with km/sec and auto should be listed in second column

2.The value in .txt file with km/sec and van should be listed in third column

ex:this is how the expected template should look like :template after the values entered

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