(Solved) – Excel VBA to get/pass cell value to MySQL database

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I am looking for SQL-Excel solution for invoice-making excel file. I want to know/check how many invoices were created by a user.
Let me explain what I want.
User inputs his order number into a specific cell (for ex. 25 into Sheet1.A1). After pushing button it must refer to my server and get value from cell 25 to Sheet1.A2 and opposite pass Value from Sheet1.A2 to cell 25 in server.

For example: I input 10 into a specific cell in my server. User gets that value to his file – creates an invoice and passes 9 back to that cell. Every user will get an order number, which will match with order in database list.

And this get/pass process must be fast, as I plan to put sql-get code at beginning and and sql-pass code end of my VBA code. So, all process will be in one click: get number/do operations/pass number.

I found a lot of examples in internet, but as I am not experienced in MySQL and not strong in VBA and I want very simply, reliable, fast code I decided to ask help from professionals.

Any help will be appreciated.

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