(Solved) – Excel VBA Set Print Area and Print ALL

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I am new to the wonders and world of Macro, VBA and RPA, and would like to study it more. Recently did a short course on RPA.

Just want to share my problem and throw a question out to the Community here.

My Pain Point:
I’m the person printing the Payslips for the Company.

Currently I am opening all 30 Single Excel File Payslips generated by Excel VBA (not done by me) for my company one by one and setting to print by Set Print Area for EACH Payslip Standalone Excel File, and printing them one by one.

This takes up quite some time which I believe can be saved with either the right Print Settings, VBA or RPA.

Unfortunately I am still exploring these and know nothing about VBA.

Id like to check for VBA, how I can go about macro-ing the process such that I can ease my workflow in the following:

1) Opening Payslip one by one

2) Setting the Print Area (same throughout)

3) Printing

If any of these can be automated it’d save me time and frustration.

Regarding the code it might be a merge of these two



Anyone can advise step by step what I am to do? I have read and tried but do not understand still .. T.T

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