(Solved) – Excel VBA search id and import data from other sheet


I’m working on a project with lots of data in two different sheets which is want to combine.
For example:

My Sheet1 should contain 4 columns. Columns 1 and 2 are already filled with ID’s and a status.
In Sheet2 I have 3 columns. The first contains the ID’s again, the second a serial-number and the third a Yes/No.

The two sheets have around 5500 rows in it. The first a little more then the second.

I would like to run a loop which picks the first ID in Sheet1, checks if it exists in Sheet2, and if it does, it should copy the two missing columns (serial number and Yes/No) into into Sheet1.

Then the to the next id in Sheet1 and do the same again.

I tried it with the code below, but I’m not getting it to work.

Hope you can help me out!

    Dim i As Long
    Dim Found As Range

    For i = 1 To Rows.Count


        If Cells(i, 1).Value <> "" Then

            Set Found = Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("A2", Range("A")).Find(i, 1)

            If Not Found Is Nothing Then

            Worksheets("Sheet1").Range(i, 3).Value = Cells(Found.Row, 2).Value
            Worksheets("Sheet1").Range(i, 4).Value = Cells(Found.Row, 3).Value

            End If
        End If
    Next i

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