(Solved) – Excel VBA Run-time error ‘424’ Object required replacing cell contents with rounded to 2 decimals of current values


I am trying to replace the contents of certain cells with the rounded of the same amounts currently there. The error is on the line where I define the LastRow variable (within the With/End With command). The weird thing is, this code used to work fine a few weeks ago.

Here is my code:

    Dim LastRow As Integer

    '   Looks up the last row of data and assigns it to one of the variables on columns I and J
    With ActiveWorksheet
        LastRow = .Range("I" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
    End With

    Set rng = Range("I2:J" & LastRow)

    '   Replaces current contents of columns I and J with the same value but rounded to 2 decimals
    For Each cell In rng
        If cell = "" Then Exit Sub
        cell.Value = WorksheetFunction.Round(cell.Value, 2)
    Next cell

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