(Solved) – Excel VBA formula name manager to automatically update source data


I’m trying to use VBA to set name ranges to reference in source data.

When data are added, the XY Scatter chart these data are plotted on should automatically update (e.g. if I entered 7 at “A8”, 1 at “B8”, and 9 at “C8”, data points at (7,1) and (7,9) would immediately populate on the chart).

There is only one chart and one sheet in the workbook.

enter image description here

When entering ='Sheet1!Session, I receive an error that there’s a problem with one or more of the formulas used. I receive the same error when entering ='Sheeet1!Measure1' and ='Sheet1!Measure2' for each respective y value.

In another workbook, I manually added the names in Name Manager and successfully edited Series’ X and Y values.

enter image description here

I’ve circled the code used to generate series’ names. When I go into name manager, all names show up and are in the scope “Sheet1”

I’ve tried replacing “wsData” with “ActiveWorkbook” and “ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1)” to no avail.

Any thoughts?

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