(Solved) – Excel VBA adding @ symbol to formula and table column reference


I am adding a formula to a worksheet via VBA which should be:


This utilises the new SPILL feature in Excel to give me a list of column B values where the related value in column A matches what is in cell A. I’m also applying the UNIQUE function to remove any multiple blank (“”) results.

This works perfectly if I manually type the formula into Excel, however in using VBA to add the formula, Excel is adding @ symbols within the formula, and causing it to show #VALUE!.

The VBA line being used to add the formula is:

=Cells(x,y).Formula = "=UNIQUE(IF(TableA[ColumnA]=A1,TableA[ColumnB],""""))"

The resulting output in Excel is:


What is going on, and what have I missed?

Thanks in advance!

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