(Solved) – Excel form and chart related to distributing overtime based of response time to bid and how man times they’ve taken OT

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I’m looking to make our schedulers lives easier by creating a chart based for giving out over time to our front line employees. we do so by email bid. and email goes out a week prior with available dates and shifts. employees then respond what dates they want to work. they are then selected based off of the email time stamp(first come first serve) but also based off how many times they’ve taken OT in a month. (e.g. John Doe wants 12/19 AM 12/22 PM 12/23 PM has work OT 4 times this month and his email was sent 1 minute after it went out and was the first to respond) currently they use a pivot chart and manually go through each person to see when they sent the email and how many times they’ve worked OT. This is time consuming and tedious. I’m trying to create a chart/calendar form that would give them a drop down list focus mainly on how many times they took OT that would change the position of their names depending on how many times there name pops up in the charts cells. we have 3 shifts needing at most and on average 4 AM OTs 4 PM OTs and 1 Over Night. I’m trying to determine the best aproach to this. im not asking to give me a full module form for VBA but if the community could point me in the right direction and help me brainstorm, id much appreciate it. belwo is a concept and ill comment what i have thus far.


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