(Solved) – Excel find rows between two strings and change value in different column for rows between strings

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Not really sure how to go about finding the rows of data between the string [801 C] in [Column B] and the string [Nr] in [Column A] then change the value in [Column C] for the rows between from [3] to [27]. I have to reference the data on this sheet on another sheet to be able to graph the data for the L* a* b* for each color standard and the way the standards are stored on the spectrometer there is overlap for the standard ID number between the 700 and 800 color numbers so i have to figure out how to change the value of the standard ID number for the 800 series colors so the graphs only include that data. The standard Id number is the only thing available on each line in the log that ties each line(row) of data to each color. Also need to be able to find multiple instances were both strings may appear in the same sheet multiple times . Any help, ideas and advice will be greatly appreciated.

Log csv

I did manage with help from here at stackoveverflow to get a batch script to extract the data but can’t get it to find but the first instance of both strings and is less than an ideal solution. A macro would be ideal but I am very new to vb scripting and this is beyond my scope of knowledge. Again thank you to anyone who replies to this you are a saint.

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