(Solved) – Dynamically Hiding Columns Based On Cell Values


I’ve got a worksheet with a range of cells (B15:BL15) with formulas in them returning either “Show” or “Hide”. The values change when I make a selection from a form control (not ActiveX) combo box and I assigned the below macro to the combo box. The macro is supposed to show or hide the column based on the cell values.

The first time I make a selection all of the columns end up hidden regardless of the values in the cells. When I select it again, the code works fine (i.e. I select Option A and all columns in range are hidden. I choose Option B and then go back to Option A and the correct columns are now showing and hiding.). Anything I’m missing here?

Option Explicit

Sub ShowHide()

Cells.Columns.EntireColumn.Hidden = False    ' Added to unhide all of the columns first.

Dim c As Range

For Each c In Range("B15:BL15").Cells        ' Range of cells containing the formulas

With c
    If .Value = "Hide" Then
       .EntireColumn.Hidden = True
        .EntireColumn.Hidden = False
    End If

End With

Next c

End Sub

Any help is greatly appreciatd!

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