(Solved) – Dynamic column as a criterion in sumif function


Basically, i am trying to use sumif function in vba. Instead of using fixed rows and columns, i am trying to make everything dynamic. here is the code i wrote to accomplish the task but failed.

sh.Range("V" & StartRowData   j).Value = Application.WorksheetFunction.SumIf _
                                    (MettBeheer.Range("A1", "A" & LastRowMettBeheer), sh.Range("A" & StartRowData   j).Value, MettBeheer.Range("K1", "K" & LastRowMettBeheer))

the first two parameter of the function are ok. this part of the code Range("K1", "K" & LastRowMettBeheer) where i want to make it dynamic. instead of a fixed k range, it could be from a to end of the used columns in the sheet based on the criteria give from this code sh.Range("A" & StartRowData j).Value
any suggestion or help is highly appreciated?

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