(Solved) – Define range/ lastrow in VBA


I am trying to export data from excelsheet to excel Invoice template. The VBA code which I have, It considers each row as a different Invoice and hence makes a different workbook for each row. In case I have 1 invoice with 3 products in 3 rows this code considers each of the product (row) as separate Invoice which is not correct. I want to modify it in a way that if the Invoice number (PiNo) is repeated in the next row then it means the next product (row) belongs to the above Invoice only. I am new to VBA hence I have taken code from another site.

Here is the code:-

   Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
   Dim r As Long
   Dim path As String
   Dim myfilename As String
   lastrow = Sheets(“CustomerDetails”).Range(“H” & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
   r = 2
   For r = 2 To lastrow

   ClientName = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 6).Value
   Address = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 13).Value
   PiNo = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 5).Value
   Qty = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 9).Value
   Description = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 12).Value
   UnitPrice = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 10).Value
   Salesperson = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 1).Value
   PoNo = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 3).Value
   PiDate = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 4).Value
   Paymentterms = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 7).Value
   PartNo = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 8).Value
   Shipdate = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 14).Value
   Dispatchthrough = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 15).Value
   Modeofpayment = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 16).Value
   VAT = Sheets("CustomerDetails").Cells(r, 17).Value

   Workbooks.Open ("C:UsersadminDesktopInvoiceTemplate.xlsx")
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“Z8”).Value = PiDate
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“AG8”).Value = PiNo
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“AN8”).Value = PoNo
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“B16”).Value = ClientName
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“B17”).Value = Address
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“B21”).Value = Shipdate
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“K21”).Value = Paymentterms
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“T21”).Value = Salesperson
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“AC21”).Value = Dispatchthrough
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“AL21”).Value = Modeofpayment
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“B25”).Value = PartNo
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“J25”).Value = Description
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“Y25”).Value = Qty
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“AF25”).Value = UnitPrice
   ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("InvoiceTemplate").Range(“AL39”).Value = VAT

   path = "C:UsersadminDesktopInvoices"
   ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=path & PiNo & “.xlsx”
   myfilename = ActiveWorkbook.FullName
   ActiveWorkbook.Close SaveChanges:=True

   Next r

   End Sub

“H” is the Product column and the data starts from Row 2. Row 1 are headers.

Any kind of help is appreciated!

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