(Solved) – Creating a OBIEE Smartview BVA in Excel


I am referencing to the guide below in order to have a view of a table in OBIEE to refresh using VBA.


The code worked well but I’ve got the “Cannot connect to provider. The attempt to connect to the server failed. Make sure the server is running in the specified URL” error for the line below.

obiee.InsertView InsertServer, InsertAnswer, PromptTable, prompts, Default_Format, SameSheet

I think it has something to do with the syntax of the file path.

Hostname bidc.company.dmn/
Port 8080
Friendly Name localhost
Catalog Folder /users/chris.cheng/testing/
Report Name test
Report Table tableView!1
Prompt Table tableView!2

You can see the views here
Properties of the Analysis

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