(Solved) – Create a lookup within a lookup or an IF using VBA or Excel formula


I have a tracker with multiple tabs for project numbers and a single tab for the raw data. I want to do a lookup where the logic is like this.

  • In the raw data, if project number is the project number in a given project tab (e.g. “B2”)
  • Then in the raw data create a virtual sub range with the said project number only(filter it)
  • Then in that sub or filtered range do a lookup with the sub task as the criteria to get the completion date of that sub task.

I am thinking of doing this in VBA but would also like to know if constructing it with a nested formula will do the trick.

I might have not been very clear so I am attaching a simple working file that you can review.

Please see below link.

Here is the Google Drive link to the file

Any input would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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