(Solved) – Copy the row from duplicate rows if the conditions are met through VBA


I have an excel master sheet (output) with columns “A” to “AL”, The column “A” will have ID’s,column “k” has date , column “AB” have sequence(0,1,2,3,4..) and column “AL” have row count(2,3,4,5,6..). The column A will have same values sometimesi.e,(Duplicate values). I need to copy the entire row through the below conditions

if row count(AB) =2
1.check for any duplicate ID’s in (coloumn “A”),if no duplicate ID’s found then copy that row and paste it in sheet2 ( Final Output).
2.If Duplicate ID’s found , copy the row with the highest sequence number (AB) to sheet 2.
3.If Duplicate ID’s found and the sequence number is also same then copy the row with the date(K),whichever date is recent one that row should be copied and paste in the sheet2.

same process for the rowcount= 3,4,5,..

can anyone please help me with the VBA code .

Thanks in advance.

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