(Solved) – Copy sets of range rows to paste into consecutive columns in powerpoint slide table


I am trying to copy a fixed number of rows of a 2 column range (say sets of 10 rows each time) and paste these rows into the table (e.g. Table 3) of a duplicated template slide’s containing 5 columns x 10 rows (excluding header and top row).

There are many such 2 column disjointed ranges in a sheet in columns 1 & 2 only.

So the 1st set of 10 rows will be pasted into Columns 1 & 2 of table. The remaining set of <=10 rows of the range will be pasted into the next 4 & 5 columns (column 3 will be just a separator column). So a single slide table will hold only 20 range rows (10 10).

If the range rows exceed 20, e.g. 31, then 20 rows will be pasted into the slide table (as 10 in 1 & 2 columns 10 rows in 4 & 5 columns) and remaining 11 range rows will be pasted into a similar duplicated
slide table as 10 rows in 1 & 2 columns and 1 row in 4 & 5 columns. So each time range rows exceed 20, the template slide containing a blank table will be duplicated to be filled.

  • I am currently able to pick up the 2 column range from a sheet.
  • I am able to determine how many slides to be created from the number of range rows.

E.g. 4 Slides:

RowCnt = 63
NoOfSlides = CInt(RowCnt/20)   IFF( (RowCnt Mod 20 < 20) AND (RowCnt Mod 20 > 0) , 1, 0) 
  • I am not able to determine how to copy paste 20 rows per slide i.e. 10 rows in 1 & 2 columns and <=10 rows in 4 & 5 columns of slide table.
  • I am not able to duplicate slide if range rows exceed 20 rows.
  • I am not able to delete unwanted columns 3,4,5 of table if range rows only fill 1 & 2 columns of a table.

Is there someone who has done something like this? I am attaching a sample xlsm file and sample powerpoint template to get an idea of what i am trying to do.

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