(Solved) – Copy Paragraph Headings in MS word to Excel Colum Headings using Excel VBA [closed]

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I have been trying for a few days now with no luck, could not find a proper code to automate the below task. I highly Appreciate it if anyone can guide me on this.

I have 1400 word documents which I need to copy paragraph Headings and the underline text into Excel. Headings to Colum Headings, And other text to a single cell below the heading. it should be saved on the same worksheet.
All headings in word doc are set to “Heading style 1”. Paragraph Headings are not always the same in each word document.

The code would ideally perform the following way:

  1. Code Select the Paragraph Headings with Ms word “Heading Style 1” and check if the headings are already saved in excel worksheet as the column heading, If not there add as the new column heading.

2.Copy the text under each paragraph Heading in the word doc to the next cell under relevant Colum Heading.

Thank you for your consideration

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