(Solved) – Consolidate Columns of Text?


I’m relatively new to VBA and I’ve run across something I’ve been unable to figure out: I have a list of items in column A and the corresponding locations in column B. There are many duplicate items in column A and I am trying to find a way to consolidate this spreadsheet so there are no duplicate items in A and all the locations that each item is in a single column B cell and are separated by ", ". i.e. if A2=A3=A11 I would want the output to be the text of A2 in column A and:

=B2 & ", " & B3 & ", " & B11

in Column B. (I was hoping to post a picture to make this more clear but don’t have that right since I’m new here, let me know if I wasn’t clear about something.
Any pointers in the right direction to get me started on this would be much appreciated-thanks in advance!

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