(Solved) – Checking Cell Value in another sheet, before copy match record to Sheet

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Im currently working on a Simple Inventory file managing records of Machines that come in and out of my store.

I have created a Form – InStore form, whereby i receive Machines and I input this details into the form and the record is saved inside my InStore Table.
I have successfully coded this with some useful tips provided by helpful members on Excel Forum.

Currently I have a Deploy Form, whereby I will Search for a Machine using a Serial Number. I have a button Event for this.

I need some help with a bit of complex coding where by when Perform a Search using Serial Number in my Deploy Form, it will check if this value is found inside “InStore” Sheet, Column(A:A).
If record is not found, a Pop-Up Box to appear to show the error and clear the cell. It its found the Cell will not be cleared.

Upon Clicking on Save i will need to copy the data from the Row (A:N) from Sheet(InStore) into my “Deploy” Sheet as the last record. The Row that was copied from “InStore” Sheet will be deleted as the data is blank.

Appreciate your assistance on this.

Link to File is Here

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