(Solved) – chart series names are not shown until select data in right click menu is clicked and another series is selected


I’ve created a chart in excel which need to refresh when there is a change in pivot slicer selection. Because of a dynamic trend line (based on user defined trend values) to be added haven’t created a pivot chart instead selecting values from a range that gets updated when pivot slicer selection changes. It works fine without the trend line but when the trend line is displayed and selection in slicer is changed, randomly I get 1004 error when selecting the line through VBA. While inspecting I found that the chart series names are somehow not updating.

Looks like empty chart

enter image description here

But when I right click on the chart and click select data (

Select Data Source Window

enter image description here

and click on any other series other than the default selected series the chart refreshes immediately and the series names appear (

Magically appearing series names

enter image description here

I’ve tried using refresh, activate but none works. Alternatively, if I save the excel, close and open it I can see the charts normally but that’s not a solution for me.

Kindly somebody help me overcome this issue.

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