(Solved) – can i take values from my form and add them to an existing record if the ID is duplicite?


Would it be possible in access to recognize the attempt to input a duplicite value and instead take only the value of “amount” and add it to the existant records current amount? Let’s say i have an item with the barcode 12345, for instance a hdmi cable. now in my inventory db the item 12345 already has got an entry with 20 pieces in stock and i just filled out a input form with some 5 more pieces, i would like to scrap the current forms values such as name and type and other properties i have preset and only keep the amount value and add it to the existing record to make it say 15, but only in case that the selected inventory type on the current form (in this case “cable”) matches the already existing records value “cable”)

I have been trying to find a way to make this happen, however i’ve been unable to, as my knowledge of vba and access in general is quite limited at the moment. i would greatly appreciate any input on this, thank you!

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