(Solved) – Binding multivalued column’s data into combo box via vba ms access

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I have a table as follows

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Where the BranchIds column is a multivalued column referering the ids of the branches table.
Some how i need to bind the id and its related value in a combo box residing in another access forms as follows
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The permission table contains the data of which user is allowed to access which branch.
I am unable to bind the branches from the perimssion table to the combo box in my another form.

The code i am trying. Got from MSDN after a length search..

Sub BindBranches()
   Me.comboBranchIds.RowSourceType = "Value List"

   Dim db As Database
   Dim rs As Recordset
   Dim childRS As Recordset

   Set db = CurrentDb()

   ' Open a Recordset for the Tasks table.
   Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT BranchIds FROM Permissions WHERE UserId = " & Forms!NavigationForm!txtSession.Value)

   Do Until rs.EOF
      ' Print the name of the task to the Immediate window.
      'Debug.Print rs!TaskName.Value

      ' Open a Recordset for the multivalued field.
      Set childRS = rs!BranchIds.Value

         ' Exit the loop if the multivalued field contains no records.
         Do Until childRS.EOF

             ' Loop through the records in the child recordset.
             Do Until childRS.EOF
                 ' Print the owner(s) of the task to the Immediate
                 ' window.
                 'Debug.Print Chr(0), childRS!Value.Value
                 Me.comboBranchIds.AddItem Item:=childRS!Value.Value
                 'Me.comboBranchIds.RowSource = "SELECT BranchName FROM Branches WHERE ID = "   childRS!Value.Value
End Sub

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