(Solved) – Adding a “New Button” option on Access form

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Please forgive me if this question is too vague or extensive. I have limited experience with Access, SQL, and VBA and have a problem at work that I just can’t solve. I’m trying to add a “new button” button to the user interface on our Access database.

I would like it to maybe bring up another form that allows you to input a query you want to make into a quick link on the home page. Obviously this would only be accessible to certain users but I can handle that part.

I don’t necessarily need the code written, just an idea of where to start. So far all I’ve been able to do is hard code a new query or link into a button each team I want to make one. I want this process to be simplified so that anybody can make a button even if they don’t know how to use Access very well.

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated and feel free to tell me to get lost if this is too vast or general a question.

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